These Days, Last Year

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my father’s passing. Nora, Craig, and I went for a walk in the deep woods where he used to love to walk. Several times a week he’d get up early and walk these woods. I hadn’t been back there since he died. I took a little bag of ashes that I’d kept and we scattered them here and there by the side of the trail, most of them near the cedar log bench where he would always pause to rest. I cried. A lot. I still miss him so much. He gave me the best gift a parent or grandparent can ever give:  always knew I was loved and cherished. And I will pass that gift on to my own grandchild who will arrive next winter. Blessed be.

8 thoughts on “These Days, Last Year

  1. So sad yet so beautiful. I never had a close relationship with my dad. In a weird way, I envy your mourning — shows how much you loved him. I know you will pass his gifts onto your offspring. (Congrats on the upcoming grandchild, btw!)

  2. A year gone by so quickly, it is hard to believe we can still be here without our loved ones being on this plane any longer. Your father must be so proud, and I am sure he walks with you always. Much love and blessings to you, Joanna. x

  3. Julie, Colleen, Andy — thanks so much. These Lammas-tide days, with the reaping and the cutting, have much deeper meaning for me now. Blessed be.

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