Nora Crosses the Threshold

Craig was staying with me when the call came that Nora had died. Sundown in the West, gibbous moonrise in the East.

We cupped seawater in our hands and offered it to Lady Moon, thrice, for you, sweet Nora.

You have stepped over the threshold before us, into the great Mystery. Love you all-ways, siren sister. Splash!

Nora and me at Heron House, July 2014
Crossing the Threshold
Nora posed for me in 2001 for this painting, “Crossing the Threshold,” and later used it as the logo for her practice as a Death Midwife.
There are a thousand things wanting my attention. But I had to go down to the sea. And the roses said, “We will hold your sorrow. We will hold your grief.” (This mermaid bowl was a gift from Nora and my Goddess students back in the late 1990s.)

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