How do you discern a call from Soul?

Camellias in January
Camellias in January. Altar by my 7-year-old friend Sage

For the last couple of months, I’ve been pondering the ways that we recognize a call from Soul.

How, I asked myself, can I tell if an inner prompting, or a desire, is a true call from my Soul … or if it’s from my ego, or perhaps even from the wounded part of me that hides in shadow?

If someone asked me that question — “How do I discern a call from Soul?” I would answer:

Use all your sacred tools: tarot readings, journal writing, time in nature, conversations with trusted wise ones, tracking signs and symbols in dreams, cards, books, and nature; and perhaps most importantly, paying attention to your body reactions. I would say that the call from Soul might come as a sudden Tower-like epiphany, or it might unfold slowly over time. I would say: Double down on meditation and prayer practices. Keep your senses alert for signs and messages.

I then counseled with a circle of Wise Ones and asked for their responses. Here’s what they added:

“Your true self — your soul — never speaks from a place of fear or judgement or low self-worth. If you feel those things, it is not your soul speaking, period.”

A friend who was raised Catholic had this to say about the process of discernment she learned in the church, and which still serves her well:

“The first thing I learned was to find solitude and reflect on our inner feelings while listening for the still, quiet voice of God. The second was to be observant and watch for signs and symbols in the world around me that appear as clear indicators of the path forward. The third one I remember clearly was to wait and be patient. I remember that because I’ve never had an excess of patience and don’t like to wait for anything. Finally, after enough time doing the first three things, commit to the path forward.”

Another one responded:

“I journal — a lot! — when faced with something I think may be a call from Spirit. I write about it. And then I read what I wrote. If I have a lot of justifications, qualifications and ego-based desires, I know it’s not a call from Spirit.

Then I use my essential divinatory practices — tarot, praying for guidance and meditation (so that I can hear guidance).

And I tune in to my body. To me, historically, a call to Spirit is not without some excitement/fear but it is almost always accompanied by relaxed joints, soft muscles, a deepening of my breath (having more depth and breadth) and a lightness to my body. If heaviness, tension, or shallow breath are present, I assume my soul is not in alignment.

Finally, if something is a call from my Soul, I trust that it will move me to action, even if/when I am filled with fear. I have an inherent belief that I will never lose or miss out on what is right for me — not in path, people, places, opportunities. I trust that even if I resist (due to fear), the power of love that wants to move through me will grow so big that I can’t ignore it and will feel compelled to align with it.”

Such a lucky woman I am, to have such Wise Ones in my circle of friends.

I pass the talking piece to you:

How do you discern a call from Soul?

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  1. I so enjoyed reading this post and it spoke to me in volumes. I find that I’m often in sync with you on the heart/soul callings and you have been a sign for me in the various soul questions I have; because when I look for signs, they generally coincide with something on your blog posts or newsletter. Thank you for being you. From my soul to yours…peace.

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