Holding Vigil on St. Lucia’s Night

Lucia Party 2000
Lucia Party 2000 at Heron House. Waverly was present that night. Photo by Paul Bingman.

I am mourning the loss of my beloved friend Waverly Fitzgerald, who died Friday night after living with cancer for several months. I am not at all surprised that she left us on St. Lucia’s Day, calendar maven that she was. We had conversations over the years about how many people who walk the Wheel of the Year during their lives tend to leave on a significant date. Marija Gimbutas died on Brigid’s Day 1994, our friend Helen Farias died on Autumn Equinox 1994, and more recently our friend Charlotte Johnson died on Winter Solstice 2013.

I posted a photo of St. Lucia in the doorway Friday night as I was holding vigil for Waverly along with an entire community of her friends, our candles glowing on altars in all our homes. I imagined Saint Lucia aka Freya arriving in her golden chariot drawn by cats, gathering Waverly up, and heading out across the starry sky, their pathway lit by blazing candles.

If her work or life touched you in any way, please think about keeping a candle lit for her from now through Solstice. She would really love that.

My head is bowed in grief and grace. I will miss you so much, my friend.

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