Herbcrafter’s Tarot in the Village

I go for walks in the village and woods by my new apartment in town, finding herbs from the Herbcrafter’s Tarot everywhere I turn.

Lavender by the lawyer's office
Lavender (Four of Air) says: “Withdraw behind borders. Contemplation precedes action.”
St John’s Wort (The Sun) says: “Cultivate happiness, vitality, and joy.”
Chicory (Two of Air) says: “Let go of worn-out thinking to see an issue clearly.”
Plantain (Ace of Water) says: “Trusting your instincts and intuition will heal your heart.”
Hawthorn (The Lovers) says: “Love blossoms, love wounds, love heals.”
Wild Rose
Wild Rose (The Empress) says: “Healing the heart heals the world.”

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