Goddess Rosary

Goddess RosaryThe past week was one of devotion and quiet creativity, for the most part. As a birthday present to myself, I commissioned a Goddess Rosary from my friend Lunaea Weatherstone, and it arrived this week. I had bought the Guadalupe pendant at a holiday faire here in town; it was made by another friend, Clarissa Callesen.  I shipped the pendant down to Lunaea and she made this gorgeous necklace with it. I love the colors, and I love the feel of it in my hands as I pray with it.

Lunaea has been making these rosaries for a long time, at least 15 years. They are divided into 5 sections of 9 each, with 3 beads leading down to the pendant. 5 sets for the four elements plus spirit, 9 the sacred number of the Goddess, the power of 3 times 3. The rosary that I pray is the one Jennifer Berezan wrote for her devotional album  “She Carries Me.”  I touch each of the nine beads as I pray these words:

1 – Holy Mother full of grace,
2 – Power is with thee.
3 – Blessed are you,
4 – Queen of the Universe
5 – And blessed is all of creation.
6 – Holy Mother,
7 – Maker of all things,
8 – Be with us now and always.
9 – Blessed Be.

Girl of Grace in progress

I started work on this piece, called the “Girl of Grace” (aka Young Brigid). It is the second in a series of 8 that began with “Dark Madonna & Daughter.” It is an illustration for my book-in-progress and may be part of an oracle deck one day. I didn’t consciously intend for her to look like my granddaughter Gracie, but she sure does. Funny how that works!

Girl of Grace detail, hair
Detail. I just love drawing hair!

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  1. Saw Clarissa’s work at the Allied Arts Show in Bellingham after you had talked about her and fell in love with so many pieces, especially a heron! She and Lunaea created such beautiful magic for you! I have one of Lunaea’s rosaries and will use the lovely prayer you’ve shared. And I’m so glad you commented you love drawing hair, because the richness of it always draws me in!

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