Frog Eggs, Nettles, & Moonlight on the Water

I know that my friends and family across North America are still coping with snow — too much snow!— but here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had one of the mildest winters anyone can recall. This is not necessarily a good thing, as it means we may be facing drought next summer. But in the moment — such lovely moments! — all we can do is rejoice in the coming of Spring.

I’ve been out walking in the brisk sunshine every day this week, getting caught up on the “gossip of the place,” as Gary Snyder puts it, and here is what I’ve found . . .

Masses of red-legged frog eggs in the pond!

frog eggs

Osoberry lighting up the woods with brilliant green leaves that stand up like little flames, and frothy-but-stinky white blossoms. Osoberry is the first native plant that comes into leaf and bloom in our neck of the woods — always a welcome sight.


Nettles!  Ready to harvest and steam and stir-fry . . .


Our Mighty One, Komo Kulshan, the great mountain in the east, across the water, who watches over us all.

komo kulshan from the meadow

komo kulshan 2

Back in the woods, I do believe the Fae are coming out to play . . .


And in the evening, our Shining Lady rises in the east.

full moon in virgo

Sometimes, I think my heart will burst with the joy of it all.


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