Early Spring Writing Retreat

I spent the first week of March at my beloved Aldermarsh, as a retreat participant instead of a retreat host. I joined 11 other alumni of Christina Baldwin’s “Self as Source of the Story” writing retreats. Every single person here had work to share that was moving, courageous, and well-written. I can’t wait to read every single book that comes out of this retreat. I worked on the revisions for my book-in-progress and received invaluable feedback from Christina and the whole group.

across the marsh

March 1st: On the first day of the writing retreat, there were high winds that knocked the power out for a few hours … definitely clearing out old energies to make room for a whole lot of writing!

winter garden

March 2nd: Good morning, winter garden. Good morning daffodils. Waking to the first morning of retreat. I arrived with an intention to work very hard this week and get a lot done. Typical Capricorn. Last night Christina charged us with listening to the land. I feel myself sinking into a slower pace, reaching for a place of compassion, where I can re-vision and revise this manuscript in a gentler way. I feel the land whispering “let me hold you.” I feel the land saying, “rest.”

spring marsh

March 5th:  I love the marsh in spring, when she is full of winter waters, and becomes a magic mirror that reflects our dreams and visions. Still on my writing retreat, and we are in the midst of 36 hours of silence as we each focus on our projects. Tomorrow we will read to each other and listen deeply to each other, and give loving feedback. My work is growing wings under Christina’s mentorship, held in the embrace of this tiny village of writers, and cradled by this sacred land. Blessed be.

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  1. Ahhh… the restorative and healing abilities of Mother Earth! Thank you for sharing and blessings on your writing!

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