Color, Line, Form, Texture

Colored Pencils

I am swallowed up in images these days. I could blame it on Pixie Campbell’s Visual Quest course, although I am not following her instructions, not exactly. I could blame it on Lisa de St. Croix, as I was a guest at her beautiful Santa Fe home last weekend, surrounded by her gorgeous paintings hanging on the walls.

Lisa's kitchen

I could blame it on the luscious colors of Taos and Santa Fe, and the artwork I saw in museums and galleries while I was there, especially the O’Keeffe museum.

O'Keeffe Museum

Whatever the reason, I find myself falling deeply in love with color, form, and texture once again. I’m sorting my colored pencils, for crying out loud!  Sketching clouds, and playing with canvas and paint. (It’s been a very long dry spell. I’ve completed no new artwork since the Elder of the Scar Clan in November 2011.)

by Georgia O'Keeffe

I’m applying some of the lessons on writing I learned from Jen Louden at the writers’ retreat to making art.  For example: Lower your standards!  Let’s hear it for the crappy first draft!  Perfection is the enemy of productivity.  Just start, get it out on paper, and refine later.

This applies to artwork as well as to writing.

I don’t have to hit it out of the ballpark every single time.

What a relief!  The pressure is off.

So I’m going to get back to the easel now.  I’m going to swim in line, form, texture, and color.

Catch you later!

Prayer flags at Mabel's

10 thoughts on “Color, Line, Form, Texture

  1. Joanna, as I’m new to this, I just visited your Elder of the Scar Clan….How old am I in Scar years I wonder? This is a great post…has me linking to Pixie, color and thinking about ‘crappy first drafts’…it’s back to the studio for me too. I’m so glad to hear New Mexico is still with you…I feel so blessed.

    1. I had so much fun with you in Albuquerque, Anna, even for only one morning. So glad you like the post. More studio time for me today! Looking forward to seeing you at the retreat next month. (Oh my yes, I am still even *dreaming* about New Mexico!)

  2. Just stumbled on this through your next post about Painting Portal and was delighted to see a mention and photo of my kitchen with Deities series. I loved having you as a guest. Your new painting looks wonderful – glad to have been part of the inspiration. Much love, Lisa

  3. One thing I love about the internet is seeing trends, which I intuitively believed in before but now can smile as I read other people’s words about changes in their art and writing, trying out new things. It is very exciting. I always thought ‘the dry spell’ was rather personal but not any more. I am also trying something new in my art that seems outlandish to me! I often have to laugh when I look at it and yet….and yet, I can not for a second deny the energy that comes into play, the total exhilaration I feel. This is the right thing to be doing for me and my hope is that all those who follow this universal energy feel the rightness and healing in their hearts and go for it!

    1. Nea, I surely do love the playfulness and freedom of trying out new styles and mediums, and not worrying about pleasing anyone but myself! Lightheartedness, to be sure.

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