Art, Storms, & Sun

Yesterday, it was spring. Today, it is the season of storms. I stood here and watched an eagle head into the wind, then glide on the currents. Power and ease.

I love the edge of winter and spring, with stormy weather one day and balmy sunshine the next. I have been spending long hours in the studio these past two weeks, working in beeswax collage (encaustic) on a majors-only tarot deck.

Brigid's Eve

On Brigid’s Eve, we dined on the salmon of wisdom, welcomed Brigid with poetry, song, guitar, and harp; set intentions for a year and a day; and tied our prayer ribbons on the sacred lilac bush. Full hearts.


On Brigid’s Day, we welcomed her with raindrops, storm clouds, and an eagle’s flight. Blessed be!


Here is the Fool card I created in beeswax collage. 


A breath of Spring — pussywillows and tulips!


Rolling right along with beeswax collage … Emperor and Empress!
Claim sovereignty in your own life.


Prayer candle lit for a young friend who needs a little healing support.
(She made the cardboard Guadalupe for me.) For mama, too!


No matter the season, we just never get tired of this view.
(From the island ferry dock looking toward Komo Kulshan (Mt. Baker) and the Sisters.)

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