An Herbcrafting Retreat, September 2019

Our theme for the September 2019 Gaian Soul Retreat was the newly released Herbcrafter’s Tarot, with an emphasis on herbcraft and communing with the land.

Mugwort, datura pods, rosehips, elderberries surround the council fire at the center of the circle. 

Our teachers were Mugwort the High Priestess; Datura the Moon; Elder the 4 of Fire; and Rose Hips the Empress.

We inquired: What does it mean to be a Priestess in today’s world? What is my own style, specialty or expression of Priestessing? What might the Hijas, Adelitas, Madres, and Curanderas of the Herbcrafter’s Tarot have to say about Priestess expressions?

Communing with Rose Hip the Empress
Communing with Rose Hip the Empress
Elderberry Elixir making
Latisha teaches us how to make Elderberry Elixir while we pull the elderberries off their stems.
Stirring the pot of elderberry elixir
Singing magic into the cauldron of Elderberry Elixir, waiting our turn to stir the pot!
Stirring the cauldron
Everyone gets a chance to stir the cauldron!
Weaving sweetgrass braids.
Weaving sweetgrass braids.

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