Swept Away by Brigid’s Creative Fire

Brigid 1

About 10 days ago, I woke up in the middle of night thinking “I have to paint a portrait of Brigid, where she is offering us her sacred fire.” I got up and made some thumbnail sketches, then fell back asleep.  In the morning I recognized it as a calling.

Brigid 2

I feel a little bit like I’ve been whisked away by the faeries the last few days . . . caught up in a creative vortex, creating this image of Brigid. Experiencing “flow,” where hours slip away like minutes . . .

Brigid 3

I’ve been sharing glimpses of my process all week on Instagram and Facebook. It’s lovely to get such enthusiastic feedback!

Brigid 4

I’ll be back at the drawing board later today. All that’s left to do is her hands and face . . . Blessed be.

10 thoughts on “Swept Away by Brigid’s Creative Fire

  1. Dearest mermaid sister, your Brigid is gorgeous. There is such strength and wisdom in her face. … and she brought back memories of your Bride tale too.

    1. Dear Cate, I had forgotten all about that tale I wrote so many years ago. I should dig it up again. Thank you.

  2. Brigid to me is one of those Goddesses that I aspire to be like. She is the waters of the healing well, and the fire of inspiration and fire of the forge. That synergy of opposites within the self is a very powerful idea for me.

    I can’t wait to see her finished! 🙂

  3. This morning the sun rose in Aquarius 11, whose Sabian symbol is, “A man tête-a-tête with his inspiration.” I opened my email to find your message about Her. xxoo

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