To the seaLast Saturday, I hosted my second one-day retreat here in Bellingham. The theme for the day was “Sacred Play” — perfect for Spring and honoring the Young One within each of us, I thought!

And indeed it was. The Maidens of Spring came out to play — no matter that we ranged in chronological age from our 20s to our 70s! Did we have fun or what? Tarot games, tarot theatre, tarot brainstorming, tarot storytelling . . .

journaling & brainstorming


Jennifer Lucero-Earle taught us to embody the cards in dance. Even those of us with “two left feet” got into the game and came away radiant and transformed.

Embodied Tarotdance2dance1

And sometimes we quieted down and just received.


There was nourishing, delicious food and good conversation and great big belly laughs.

And always, there was the contemplating of sea and sky and islands, and fresh spring breezes, and sunlight sparkling on the water.

sea gazing

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  1. Oh, this makes me wish to be back in Bellingham already! And those views are amazing and making my heart ache with missing and longing. Is this in your house? Beautiful. I wish I had about this, and you, when I lived there. But we’ll be back 🙂

    1. I’m sure you will be back! No it is not my house, but a private home that is used for retreats and events. Blessings to you!

  2. Ahhh..wish I were there! The pictures are an inspiration.I am going to add “dancing” my daily card to my morning practice..what a great idea.I enjoy combining nature and tarot and movement and song– well, you get the idea! Thanks for this !!!!

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