Print: “The Reaper”


Archival Limited Edition Print, signed & numbered by the artist.
8×10-inch image on 8.5×11-inch paper

Each edition is limited to 250 prints. Print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. The prints are created in the artist’s studio, printed on fine art, archival textured papers. The manufacturer of the printer, papers and ink promise a longevity of 200+ years, “worthy of museum display.” (Fine art prints, as well as original art, should never be hung in full sunlight.) You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity. Protective Packaging includes a backing board, with the print enclosed in a clear envelope.

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(Original: Digital/Procreate and traditional Colored Pencil.  Original is 8″x10″.)

The Reaper cuts away all that no longer serves her innate wholeness. She is fierce in service to the land, to soul, to the collective.

Her season is Summer-Turning-to-Fall, her holy day Lammas, her lunar phase the Disseminating Moon (just past Full), her life stage late midlife (50s and 60s).

You’ll find her in the scent of pungent hops under a sweating sun, in dirt-encrusted fingernails, and in the scratches left on her skin by blackberry thorns and motherwort. She harvests, she sorts, she threshes, she grinds. She is the baker and the bread, the brewer and the beer.

She knows how to swing the scythe.