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The beloved Gaian Tarot, Joanna’s first deck, was first published in this Collector’s Limited Edition in 2010. The original edition was 1000 decks. As of December 2020, there are only a handful of decks left.

Here’s what’s in this set:

A full 78-card deck plus signed & numbered title card and a special surprise extra card. The cards are 4×6 inches and are printed with soy ink on sturdy recycled card stock by a local green printer.

A signed copy of the companion book, inscribed to you.

An organdy bag and a small bag of the blessing herbs (lavender, sweetgrass, sage, and cedar) featured on the backs of the cards, grown and harvested by me. (Herb packets not sent outside the U.S. due to customs regulations.)

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It’s been twenty years since I began creating the Gaian Tarot. I’m delighted that it has found its way into thousands of hands over the past ten years. Llewellyn published the deck & book kit in 2011. The Llewellyn version is now out of print, but a new edition was published by Schiffer in 2016.

Happily, my contracts with both Llewellyn and Schiffer allowed me to produce a Collector’s Limited Edition.  As of December 2020, almost all of the 1000 decks have found their way into happy homesThere are only a handful of decks left.

Please note: When the deck was first published in 2010, a handmade bag and a handmade amulet were included with the purchase, but we no longer offer those. The price of the deck has been adjusted to reflect this change.

Here’s what a few folks have said upon receiving their decks in the mail:

“I received my Gaian Tarot deck almost two weeks ago, and I can’t hardly put it down long enough to THANK YOU ~ It is the most beautiful deck I have ever seen! And I have 100 decks that I have collected over the years. I started working with your deck right away, and it never fails to give the correct answer for any situation. The book is very well written, and easy to understand. Thank you so much for the most beautiful deck in the world ~~ it is such a joy to work with! Love the bag, and the amulet. It was a wonderful experience to just open the box! It really made my day!”
~ Vicky R., Indiana
“I did a reading over the weekend and it was one of the most insightful readings I’ve ever done for anyone — and the most impactful — and the easiest to read energetically. I’ve always read Tarot from a more intuitive point of view than anything, and the Gaian Tarot makes readings done in my style so much easier. You know, there’s an amazing energy coming off the cards (including the backs) that makes it so easy to pick up the messages. The reading itself was life-changing for my client.”
~ Nancy H., San Diego
“Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Mine arrived today. You took such special care with every tiny detail and the deck is gorgeous! I love the amulet, and I used the gold ribbon wrapped around the deck as a cord, it looks just right. And it smells wonderful! Thank you, thank you. What a wonderful work of art you have created, you should be so proud! I am feeling attached already. Huge hugs!”
~ Jacquie F., Wisconsin