Life on the Corona-coaster

Death / Marigold, Herbcrafter's Tarot
Death / Marigold from the Herbcrafter’s Tarot

I’m thinking of my readers today, here on the edge of autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere. I’m wondering what you’re feeling in the present moment … if you are grounded or if you’re scattered, or feeling something else altogether. We are approaching the holy season of Hallowmas when we honor our Beloved Dead and make peace with endings of all kinds. We’ll pull our energy inward as the days grow short, and we’ll look forward to lighting candles in the darkness.

But this year the energies are more intense and acute than ever because of the pandemic and, in the United States, because of the imminent election — the most important election of our lifetimes.

I have friends who ask, “How are you doing on the corona-coaster?” which always makes me laugh. On any given day, I may be grounded, centered, connected, and purposeful. On another day, I may be sad, depressed, lonely, and exhausted. This “corona-coaster” feels like the waning and waxing of the moon or the ebb and flow of the tides to me. After seven months of the pandemic, I now know that emotionally I will experience both. When I’m grounded, I prepare for the times when I will feel adrift by writing down reminders to get outside; put on some music and move my body; or connect with a friend — the three key things that help me the most to bring myself back to center.

Whatever the outcome of the election, we will all need to know how to bring ourselves back to center, again and again and again.

Pull a tarot card or two or three to spark answers to these questions:

  • What are the practices I turn to most often to shift my energy when I’m feeling lost?
  • How can I best bring myself back to center?

Prepare for Winter …

Hermit / Usnea from the Herbcrafter's Tarot
Hermit / Usnea from the Herbcrafter’s Tarot

I’ve been hearing a lot of conversations recently about preparing for winter both externally and internally. We need to be sure our cupboards are full of food, water, and medicine in case we can’t get out to the stores or the supply chains are disrupted like they were last spring. We also need to prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for more time inside. It’s a good time to strengthen our support systems and our own inner resilience.

As a triple earth sign and as an elder woman living alone, I’m all about preparation. My pantry and freezer are stocked and so is my herbal apothecary. I have prescription medicines on hand. I had my car checked. I saw my dentist and my audiologist. I exchanged phone numbers with my neighbors in the condo complex where I live so that we can easily text each other in case of emergencies. I have flashlights and batteries on hand. My closest friends have keys to my home. I stocked up on candles for my magical/devotional practices. I bought a shiny new raincoat to replace my threadbare one so I have no excuse not to go for a walk in the rain. I did a thorough fall cleaning of my place. I bought a light therapy (SAD) lamp for the first time. I don’t have access to a large outdoor space, but I have friends who have purchased outdoor heaters so that they can continue to host small socially-distanced gatherings this winter. I love that idea. I’m preparing myself emotionally and mentally to be alone for the holidays. I already know I’ll rely on video chats, texting, good food, good music, and good books to make it through a time that is usually so social.

Pull a tarot card or two or three to spark answers to these questions

  • How can I prepare for winter on an inner level?
  • What can I do to prepare externally?
  • What do I most need to know about the winter ahead?

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