Rooted: A Field Guide to Place, Home, & Belonging

Rooted - Spring Session

Registration for the Spring session is now closed. 

This past winter, a thriving community of folks joined me in deepening our connections to the land right outside our doors while weaving magical practices into our experiences of home. 

We will continue this Spring as the earth comes alive, to track the threads and strengthen the tapestry of Place, Home, and Belonging. I’ll invite you to keep a phenology log and seasonal journal. We’ll practice nature connection, ceremony, tarot play, seasonal crafts, folk magic, herbcraft, and reflective writing. We’ll support each other and share our discoveries in community circles over Zoom and in a private group on Mighty Networks.

Whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area, sacred land is under your feet. Whether you shelter in a house, yurt, or apartment — you can create a sanctuary of everyday magic.

On the surface, this course is about connecting with nature outside your door and having fun inside with hearthcrafting and folk magic.

But on a deeper level, it’s about living in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, cultivating a reciprocal relationship with the sacred ground of your life, and reflecting on the meaning of home and belonging.

We begin Sunday April 11th … Registration is now open!

This Spring, we’ll bond with the land outside our doors, freshen up our homes, and activate the magical threshold between the two.

I hope you’ll join me this Spring in rooting, budding, and blossoming into place, home, and community.