Lammas at the River

Lammas is the first of the three harvests, with Autumn Equinox and Samhain (Halloween) to follow.  For me, it always carries a bittersweet feeling, especially since my dad died just before Lammas three years ago.  Summer is at its height with blazing heat, yet the leaves have already begun to fall.  The turn towards Autumn has undoubtedly begun.

Our journey begins as we drive through farmlands and cornfields, leaving the city and suburbs far behind.


Corn is ripening yet not ready for harvest . . .


The altar is built in the middle of a field.


At our feet, gifts and offerings.


Floating downstream, life is but a dream . . .


Mermaids love the River.


4 thoughts on “Lammas at the River

  1. Thanks for you pictures. Just as last year, wonderful, especially the altar, and the last picture of the flowing leaf in the water.

  2. Thank you so much, Joanna, it’s ALMOST like being there. (I DO have a rich imagination after all!)
    I am curious if you made, found, were gifted the beatiful straw wheel (aka corn dolly). I have a great book on how to make a wide variety of various figues, etc. from straw and grass but don’t recall seeing a wheel like this one. A truly breatiful altar, and a river for mermaids to frolic in – what a great sabbat.
    Thanks, again, for sharing with us.

  3. Thank you, Anna & Berthe. We did have a lovely time. Sage, the straw wheel belongs to my friend Raven and I don’t know where she got it. But I will ask her when I see her at Meetup tomorrow. Lammastide Blessings, everyone!

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