Grandma & Gracie

Mid-April always marks my annual trek to the east coast to visit my granddaughter Grace, usually followed by a visit to New York City and the Readers Studio annual tarot conference. Gracie is 8 years old now, and her parents are doing a brilliant job of raising her. She is a wonderful little girl.

Gracie's collage
We had loads of fun making collages that featured Grace in photos from a recent gymnastics meet.


nature journal forsythia
On Earth Day, we did some nature journaling, focusing on the brilliant yellow forsythia bushes in bloom.


A visit to the Portland Art Musuem
Gracie’s favorite painting in the Portland Art Museum (mine too!) is by Mainer Dahlov Ipcar. She is 98 years old and still painting. Her art career has lasted 80 years. Such gorgeous, vibrant work!

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