Amor Caritas

I spent a day wandering around the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. This piece, Amor Caritas, in the American wing is one of my favorites.  We can all use a little more love.

Karen and me
I had a short and sweet lunch with my friend Karen Rosales near her office by Rockefeller Center.
I turned a corner in the museum and stopped in my tracks. Athena Parthenos, from the Hellenistic period, Pergamon. This Athena is goddess of knowledge and the arts and presided over the library. She dominates the room and transmits her wisdom. I left an offering of three of my hairs. Bless us with your wisdom, O Grey-eyed Athena!
Vending at RS16
At the Readers Studio, I was all set up and ready to vend my new Pentimento Tarot. I sold 10 of the 22 original encaustic pieces and many decks.
Theresa and me
Started out Saturday morning with my friend Theresa Reed, listening to Andrew McGregor talk about the Trickster in tarot reading.
Bri and me
Very happy to trade foundation readings with my friend Bri Saussy.
Bri's Blessing for me
I loved all the presentations at the Readers Studio, but Barbara Moore’s teaching on blessings held a special place in my heart. When Bri Saussy and I revisited our foundation readings on Sunday morning, we wrote blessings for each other. I’m framing mine, Marriott stationary and all!

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