A Good Death

Thank you for all your loving thoughts and prayers.  After a hard labor that lasted over 24 hours, my father passed away at 2:07 this afternoon. He was surrounded by people who love him on both sides of the veil.   He died being held by two mermaid adopted-daughters, his son-in-law and me. He died with his eyes on mine, hearing me say “I love you, I love you, I love you . . .”

There is more to say.  But for now, we rest.


This is  the email that my mermaid sister Nora Cedarwind sent out to our circle of friends about an hour after my father’s passing yesterday:

Today at 2:07 PM our beloved Dean crossed the threshold to his place of release and comfort. It was a beauty~full crossing, and I will share quickly as I only have a few minutes. After a tough day yesterday and a extremely tough night last night with all of us on minimal sleep (30 minutes or so) began our day knowing he probably would cross today. He had an infection and was getting much weaker.

Finally, he was placed on a morphine drip that calmed and comforted him immensely and he got the much needed rest he body cried for. Family came by to say farewell and then we all thought it time to stretch our legs etc.

While Craig and Joanna went out to walk, Giving and I decided it would be a good time to give Dean a nice clean up, including bandages, and all bedding top to bottom and a bath. We got him positioned and Giving was going to go off to work now that he was settled.  But I saw he was beginning his transition. I asked Giving to swab his mouth with water, and she said “I am staying here.” Joanna walked in and we told her he was actively transitioning. Giving ran for Craig and the four of us surrounded him and told him he was loved and free to go now. Joanna told him repeatedly she loved him and Craig said, “Don’t worry Dean, I will take good care of her.”  Deans’ eyes lit up with a slight smile, a single tear fell from his left eye as he turned to look at Joanna and took his final breath.   Beautiful and serene, perfect, perfect, perfect.

We are all tired and will contact more in the near future. We all need  food and sleep.

Thanks so much from the depth of all our hearts for the vigils, healing  energy, support, candles, songs and prayers and chants, we felt them.

We will announce later about a memorial also, but it will not be until at least a week.

Love and blessings from eyes that have been blessed to see the wonder of  life transition once again,

8 thoughts on “A Good Death

  1. My deepest sympathies. If there is such a thing as a “good death” (and I think there is) your father was certainly fortunate to have had time to hear how deeply he was loved and to see his loved ones around him as he passed. My maternal grandmother passed in much the same way, with her two daughters holding hands across her body, talking quietly to each other, to her, and in mid-conversation, she let go.
    Peace to you and your family.

  2. Joanna, I’m so very sorry to hear the news of your father’s passing. But I am also so very glad that your father had a good death. I know how much it meant to you to be present and truly there for him. May your mourning time be peaceful.

  3. Blessings to you in your time of sadness, and blessings your father on his journey. I am holding you both in the Light, as Quakers say.

  4. I discovered this late, having not visited your space here for a while and so will light a candle this morning for you and for your father and send you love and healing. I know D will be sad to hear this news when I tell him later today.
    I said it in a comment on another post, but once again, I am so, so, sorry to read of your father’s passing but at the same time truly pleased to read that he was surrounded by love and extended family. None of us could wish for more when our time comes, as it does to us all. x

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