A Tarot Blessing for a Difficult Time

Cards in leavesThe wind blew in this past week, the fog crept in, and the rains returned. The Wheel is turning toward Autumn. It’s been a rough summer for many, both globally and personally. This morning I sat down and threw some cards, asking:

What do I need to know about finding comfort in a difficult time?

I turned up Gaia the World, the 4 of Air, and the Builder from the Gaian Tarot plus a bonus card, Sedna (8 of Water) from the Dark Goddess Tarot. I jotted down my first impressions of each card then looked at the affirmations I had written for the Gaian, and the section on “When Sedna appears” from Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s companion book to the Dark Goddess Tarot. Then I turned each phrase into a blessing. It brought me comfort, and I hope it brings you comfort too.

May I trust in Her promise that all shall be well. (Gaia the World)
May I take time to rest and be quiet, away from online chatter and noise. (4 of Air)
May I trust that a new foundation is being laid for life structures I cannot yet envision. (Builder)
May I know that “commitment [to my spiritual path and to my work] will help me survive the storms.” (Sedna, 8 of Water, DGT)

I first learned the practice of turning a tarot card reading into a prayer or blessing from Jason Ash in a workshop for the Gaian Tarot Circle a few years ago. I encourage you to try it out for yourself. It’s a rich practice.


3 thoughts on “A Tarot Blessing for a Difficult Time

  1. Thank you Joanna, I have been experiencing at lot of illness in my family recently. Very grateful for my own good health but feeling very drained looking after everyone. I am going to try this positive idea, many blessings x

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