A Lovely Time Was Had by All (Lucia 2012)

Last weekend we celebrated our 15th annual Lucia Party, dedicated to She who Heralds the Imminent Return of the Sun. Her feast day is today, December 13th, which just happens to be a New Moon too. An auspicious day indeed!

Someone on Facebook asked if I am Catholic or Swedish, and the answer is no. We celebrate St. Lucia because she is a powerful female Giftbringer, a descendant of the Roman goddess Juno Lucina, and a numinous being who is an alternative to Santa.

This year, we also received a visit from St. Nick and Krampus . . .

. . . who didn’t seem to scare the little ones at all!

Here’s a few of the party guests . . .

One of the Lucy Bride’s attendants:

A very relaxed hostess (that’s me!):

The band played on . . .

And the drumming went on late into the night . . .

Blessed be another year, another party, another Turning of the Wheel.

Thanks to Chele Eva Armstrong of Full Earth Photography for the lovely photos!

If you are interested in throwing a Lucia Party of your own, you may be interested in the ebook I wrote and published in 2010:  A Crown of Candles: How to Throw a Fabulous Lucia Party!”

4 thoughts on “A Lovely Time Was Had by All (Lucia 2012)

  1. Joanna,
    Your pictures radiate the warmth, joy, and celebration everyone must have felt! And the music is wonderful! Your friends and family are definitely a blessed group!
    Bright winter blessings,
    Barbara I.

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